VIDEO: Apocalypse Rhyme – A Typographical Poem

Rather good piece of darkly atmospheric animation and soundscape by filmmaker Oliver Harrison from Apocalypse Art blog.

Apocalypse Art

This short work from British filmmaker, artist and animator Oliver Harrison is powerful – and nominated for Best Motion Graphics in the 2014 British Animation Awards. Harrison describes it as “a black and white, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, hyper-kinetic typographical poem.”

Using the letters of the word APOCALYPSE, Harrison explores areas of life that have been eroded by recent events:  war, the degradation of the environment, the rise of corporate greed. The film suggests a quiet “apocalypse” has already occurred, affecting all of us.

  • Poem, animation and soundtrack by Oliver Harrison, commissioned by Animate Projects, with Lupus Films.
  • Oliver Harrison’s biography, here.
  • His home page, here.

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