Interesting time-lapse short film from the top of the Cromwell Tower which is one of the three residential towers that make up part of the Barbican Centre in London with accompanying thought-provoking poem by Paul Haworth.

Often reviled in newspapers and the media since it’s opening in 1982 The Barbican nevertheless stands as one of the dwindling number of architectural projects still actively in use that fall under that loaded moniker Brutalist. The critic Jonathan Meades recent and typically quixotic BBC two-part paean to the architectural genre seems to chime with a deserved reappraisal of this very maligned architectural style much of which has already been or will be destroyed.

Brutalism as a form, for better or for worse, was in many ways that rare thing in architecture – a completely unadulterated architectural vision of how the future could actually look but that actually got built.


Merin, Gili. “VIDEO: London From the Top of The Barbican, A Brutalist Icon”


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