Take these three

The Drop Everything biennial art, design and cultural gathering is taking place on Innis Oírr, the smallest of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway from May 23rd-25th. The festival has grown impressively over recent years and this year boasts a very wide and impressive array of artists, thinkers, makers and creators of artistic and design practice.




The Oonagh Young Gallery always presents work of superior quality and intent with a very well judged curatorial vision. The upcoming BUZZ – City Lives, City Kidz, in Their Own Words looks like it will be intriguing. Exhibition from 21st May.


Buzz_Oonagh Young


















To hear the actual intentions and aims of any artist is always worth engaging with. The Talbot Gallery on Saturday May 24th at 12.00 gives voice to the contributing artists to its Most Promising Graduates Awards 2013 programme.






2 thoughts on “Take these three

  1. Lots of very interesting gallery and artist reviews. Great to know that the creative arts field is so vibrant in Ireland – especially among the young. Thanks for quality post, as usual, Ciaran.

  2. Yes Sean I agree, the creative arts fields are (despite the recent recession) very vibrant.

    Digital, animation, gaming and film are all thriving. I have also felt for some time now that a number of contemporary visual artists are producing exemplary art which is as good as anything being created by any top artists worldwide. I’m thinking particularly of artists such as Alice Maher, Dorothy Cross, Amanda Coogan, Nevan Lahart, Rita Duffy, John Gerrard and Richard Mosse (many of these are women which is positive).

    I’d love to be able to make it out to the Aran Islands for the Drop Everything series of events.

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