WB Yeats 2015

June 13th 2015 is the 150th Anniversary of the birth of WB Yeats, one of Ireland’s greatest ever poets and writers. There are countless events taking place to commemorate his life and work throughout Ireland but particularly in Dublin and Sligo, places with which he was very closely associated. But there are numerous commemorations occurring internationally from Singapore to New York.

Here are just a few public artworks from various locations in Ireland commissioned to remember his great legacy.

Bust of WB Yeats Sandymount GreenW.B. Yeats bust by Albert G. Power (1881-1945) in Sandymount Green, Dublin very close to where Yeats was born in 1865.

Dublin_St_Stephens_Green_William_Butler_Yeats_Memorial_02W.B. Yeats statue in St. Stephen’s Green by Henry Moore erected 1967.

Statue_des_Schriftstellers_William_Butler_Yeats_(2)Sligo and its surroundings were also a central part of Yeats life and writings. This is a recent work by Rowan Gillespie from 2013 in Sligo town centre.



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