Bio: As an art history writer I am constantly trying to evaluate what exactly is good art? What work actually matters and what is merely fools gold? Having experienced good, bad, inspirational and occasionally awful art for many years I wanted to cast a cold eye on what is essential and what is not. I can’t always tell what is good but I try and determine its merits and failings. My opinion is only ever that. I welcome robust challenges to my thoughts. I also try to investigate or reveal trends and perhaps neglected or unforeseen links between different cultural forms in contemporary society with a view to their historical context. What does popular culture have to say about our present sense of self and how does it give us an identity?

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6 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Sean,

      Good to hear from you. Yes I am doing ok. In between things at the moment. Glad you like the blog. Do feel free to agree, disagree or comment on any of the stuff I am blogging about or you feel I should be covering! It’s all about engaging and spreading interest in all forms of art.


      • Hi Ciaran. Will do. If I may be so bold as to recommend that you add a “follow” email alert widget and activate your “sharing” icons for all the social media sites – that will increase traffic to your site. Talk soon. Sean.

      • Yes you’re absolutely right Sean about activating email alerts and social media links. Will do. I wanted to have some decent content uploaded first and tip my toe in the water so to speak!

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