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Michael Watts is doing something different in the often-strait jacketed world of art galleries. Too often commercial galleries and curators take a predictable approach to the work they source and decide to display. The resulting art available to the public can often seem restrictive and dull. Instead through his Art Uncovered, Michael Watts starts from a passionate personal involvement and insightful knowledge of often-neglected corners of the art collecting market. Here is a collector who knows the hidden connections that abound in art and is not afraid to collect and display across a wide range of artists, genres and periods from the late 19th and early 20th century right up to contemporary works.

Two Figures-Edward_Delaney-Michael Watts GallerySir_William_Orpen-Michael Russell GalleryHis current exhibition is located in an impressive airy and glass-walled space on the seafront in Dun Laoghaire. The gallery has an open inviting atmosphere, often the antithesis of many traditional galleries, and would have the potential to be the best gallery space in the Borough. Showing work by Edward Delaney, Sir William Orpen, Grace Henry, George (ae) Russell and Marcel Dzama alongside impressive younger emerging artists such as Anthony Wigglesworth and Jacinta Hughes. It would be a very welcome addition to the area if it were to become a permanent space for the display of art. Particularly in the context of the recent devastating effects the recent recession has had on all retail businesses in the surrounding streets.

A Load of Fuss-Connor_Brothers-Art-UncoveredVisit the current exhibition Then & Now in Unit 3 Harbour View, Crofton Road, Dun Laoghaire – daily from 11.00-1700 until the 6th May.

Guarding the Nest

Mending Nets-Grace_Henry-Michael Watts Gallery